🍀 Lore-friendly mods.
Adding fighter jets to Staxel would not make sense, but adding more bugs, birds, flowers, paintings, etc. does.

🍀 Balanced mods.
Combining three nails to get a diamond worth 500 000 petals doesn’t make sense.
Making more realistic or balanced recipes, or adding relatable prices to modded items does.

🍀 Modular mods.
This ideology, you will notice for instance in my Paintings or Library mods.
Making mods that give players enough room for creativity and customisation.

🍀 Mods that inspire others.
My Paintings mod leaves room to create your own canvases, my Library mod encourages you to make books yourself.
If my mods can give a good base for others to expand upon, then that’s mission accomplished!


EasterFest March 11 2020
Decoration Stations February 9 2020
Dockinator February 9 2020
Xable’s Magic January 10 2020
Xable’s Sets January 9 2020
Xable’s Animals June 19 2019
Xable’s Potions June 5 2019
Xable’s Market June 4 2019
Xable’s Library May 28 2019
Xable’s Displays May 25 2019


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