Substarters is a Discord community by Redditors, for Redditors.
We help new moderators and / or new subreddits get started. We offer them any help we can, ranging from tips & tricks, helping them set up their rules, giving them feedback on the direction of their subreddit, helping them set up a layout, customise their subreddit, set up AutoModerator, help them with custom bots, find some content, choose suitable moderators for a subreddit’s mod team, share our opinions – anything you can think of.

And the best part is, we do it together.

It’s not just the Substarters team offering help and moderators taking it. Our goal is to be a community where Redditors come together to help one another, however big or small the help they need is. We encourage our members to use a set of pinglists and to sign up for them themselves, so that we can ask for and offer help in the most effective way.

Snoo, Reddit’s alien.

Our goal is to make Reddit a better place. We want to help moderators be better equipped to make their sub grow, while guiding them to becoming reasonable moderators (as opposed to power-tripping, ban-happy mod teams with lax moderation), while keeping Reddit free from dead subs as much as we can. We are here to support moderators. That means that we can only successfully help those with a drive to make it work. We are not here to run your sub for you.

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