Open Gates

Come on in, the gates are open.

Open Gates is a community for adult gamers to play games and create content (guides, tutorials, mods, Workshop items, etc.) together.

We aim to be a community where people can get together to play all kinds of (multiplayer) games together, united in sort-of a clan or guild, spanned over several games. A place where we can casually hang out, help each other, introduce others to our favourite games, find some inspiration.

As an added goal, those who feel so inclined can work together on guides and tutorials for all these different games. The mod team will be driving that effort, feel free to join in!

Our members are generally 18+. Not because of NSFW or mature content, but because we want to unite a bunch of (semi) mature adults who just happen to love video games.

Please take this into account when signing up for Open Gates!

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Originally, Open Gates was a community for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The name of our community originates from the idea that, in order to play Animal Crossing together, one would have to open their gates to let visitors in. But I also love the undertone it has, in the sense that we’re not gatekeepers, the gates are open here, come on in.

I started Open Gates in December 2017, as /r/opengates on Reddit. We soon noticed we needed a more interactive and closer community, and moved to Reddit in February 2018. We grew into a group of ±200 people, theyoungest being 13 and the oldest 51. Initially, Open Gates’ target audience was working adults who wanted to unwind from life by playing Animal Crossing together, but over time, younger people joined and Open Gates became more and more PG13. We all loved to play AC:NL together, after all, and we visited each other’s towns, traded items, etc.

After about a year, the interest in AC:NL fizzled out, the mod team started working on their separate projects, went their separate ways, and Open Gates was no more. After that, about half of the server moved to a new project, Omega Divers, where we united for all kinds of hobbies, a focus still being on video games, but including board games, writing, knitting, bullet journaling, art, writing, and so on. This soon proved to be simply too broad of a concept to manage, with a much too vast amount of channels to keep track of them all.

Now, near the end of 2019, Open Gates opens its gates again. We’re taking the community back to its roots, opting for an 18+ restriction on our member list, no longer limiting ourselves to Animal Crossing only but broadening our horizons to all kinds of multiplayer games – effectively uniting those two original concepts. Our gates are open, come on in!

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