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Multiplayer Guidelines

You want to play online, visit other players’ towns or have them visit yours? Here are some general tips and guidelines to be the best visitor you can be. Please always check with your host what you can and cannot do in their town and behave to be the best visitor you can be!

Don’t pick flowers or fruit without asking.
Sure, they regrow, but that doesn’t mean they are up for grabs. Unless there is a sign saying “pick!” or your host explicitly tells you so, refrain from picking flowers without permission.

Don’t run through flowers.
Flowers will get trampled when you sprint through them. Of course they will regrow, but it’s just bad form destroying the local flora because you didn’t watch where you put your clumsy elephant feet. Watch where you run, and preferably use designated paths when applicable.

Don’t pick up items on the ground.
Storage is limited, sometimes people drop things for temporary storage, or for specific people to pick up later. An item on the ground is not an invitation to pick it up. Unless items are in a designated gift area, don’t pick things up without asking. Not even just to catalogue them – if that’s what you want to do, at least ask! Nothing as stressful as seeing your visitor grab your items without asking.

Don’t buy the limited edition items in Nook’s Cranny.
These items only stock one at a time, so the owner of the island gets first pick on them, always. Ask your host for permission to buy these first.
This is also the case for Redd’s paintings and statues, regardless of fakeness.

If you AFK, let the host know. And don’t leave windows open.
If you have to afk for a bit, let your host know. They might want you to leave first, in that case. And if you do, don’t leave open windows any longer than necessary – it causes interference for other people who might want to join or leave.

Don’t trespass.
When your host has very obviously fenced down an area but missed a spot, or they are blocking the only way through obstacles, please read the room and realise this is them saying “you go no further, stay here”, and respect that. They probably left a space open for them to run back and forth between their house and the airport. Many people aren’t comfortable having strangers run around, either because they have items or flowers they don’t want to be taken, or because they want to limit the time in between you and the next person to visit. Whatever their reasoning, ask before you roam their island.

After your trade is done, don’t linger on the island (unless you asked).
They might have some trades or visitors lined up and you standing there is just holding up their queue. Just check with them, is it okay if you look around? Check out their shops? If not, just travel back home after your deal. Definitely don’t just run off into their island without any prompt.

Preferably leave through the airport.
The game is glitchy when you leave through the minus menu. Sometimes, it works fine. But with more people on an island, when someone is in a dialogue and you force the dodo to take you home that way, the game will crash for everyone and everyone will lose their progress since the last save (which is about ten minutes ago). Including you. So don’t be impatient and greedy, in case you get interference, just wait a little and try again.