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Easter event

Zipper is back in New Horizons and he brings you a super-fun event!

Collect easter eggs, find DIY recipes, craft new items and collect everything.


Need some help? Then this guide is here for you.


Starting 5 am on 1 April, the Easter event takes place. Bunny Day itself is on 12 April.


Zipper is the Animal Crossing equivalent of the easter bunny! He’ll be hopping around your island somewhere, so make sure to go talk to him. He will tell you that you have to hunt his hidden eggs and recipes. He will also give you your first DIY recipe (the Bunny Day Bed).

Easter Eggs

You will find 6 types of eggs hidden around your island: Wood, Stone, Water, Leaf, Sky and Earth.

  • Wood Eggs come from chopping trees. You don’t have to chop down the whole tree, just hit them the same way you’d do to collect wood.
    Bamboo does not drop any eggs. Coconut trees have a higher chance of dropping Wood Eggs.
  • Stone Eggs come from hitting rocks. They spawn more commonly on mystery tour islands.
  • Water Eggs are fished up. You can’t tell beforehand whether you’ll hook a fish or an egg, but we do know they are medium fish sized and can be found in both oceans and rivers.
  • Leaf Eggs grow on trees. They look like eggs, there’s three of them in one tree.
  • Sky Eggs are shot down from the special Easter balloons, you can see it’s an egg rather than a gift box.
  • Earth Eggs are in digspots. They spawn more commonly on mystery tour islands. We suspect that there is one on your island that takes the place of a regular fossil.

The eggs are crafting materials for Bunny Day-themed items, for which the recipes you also get in various ways. See “Recipes” below.

They can be sold for 200 bells.

They can also be eaten, which does nothing special other than adding a power-up like a fruit would.

Good news: the eggs are also available on mystery islands!
All egg types except Sky Eggs (as balloons don’t fly on Mystery Islands).
Now is definitely a good time to get some Nook Mile Tickets and go explore!
Stone Eggs and Earth Eggs seem to be a lot easierto collect if you go island hopping.


The Egg balloons drop recipes in present boxes, or Sky Eggs. They do not replace the regular balloons so stock up on slingshots! They travel slightly faster than normal balloons and seem to fly by more frequently as well. These balloons count towards your total of balloons shot down too, so you’ll get that Nook achievement in no time!
Note: please be aware that there is currently some sort of glitch that causes balloons to no longer spawn once you reach your 300 balloon count.
The advised workaround is to not collect the Nook Miles for that achievement, which will make the balloons still spawn.

Then there are Easter Bottles! Just like any other message in a bottle, these can be found on your beach. They have an easter egg pattern and contain an easter diy recipe as well.

Talk to your villagers! Merengue came up to me saying “you won’t believe this, I found this recipe!” – so villagers give out Bunny Day recipes too!

Just by collecting eggs, you’ll randomly think of a DIY recipe idea (like you would when collecting trash). My feeling tells me you need a stack of 10 eggs of the same type for it to be triggered, but I can’t say with 100% certaintly that that’s the right amount.

The recipes you unlock are permanent, but the egg spawning will end after the event ends on April 12. So make sure you stock up on eggs and / or craft everything you need before then!

Bunny Day

Bunny Day is on April 12.

Zipper will give you the Bunny Day arch recipe when you talk to him.

By giving him one of each egg, he’ll give you the Egg Basket.

After you’ve crafted the arch (and all the other Bunny Day recipes (except the clothing recipes you got from “thinking about the gg shapes”), he will give you the Wobbling Zipper toy recipe. After you’ve crafted that, he will award you with the final recipe, the Bunny Day wand.

Zipper will also exchange 3 of your eggs for 1 egg you don’t have.

Zipper will also exchange 3 of your eggs for 1 egg you don’t have.


Additionally, a tip that isn’t particular to the Easter event but to spring in general: you will notice falling pink petals from the cherryblossom trees. These can be caught with a net and are also a crafting material for more sakura pink themed items. This, of course, only applies to the northern hemisphere right now.

Recipes can be found the same way as other (seasonal) recipes: balloons, bottles and villagers.

The cherry blossoms will stop spawning after 10 April.

Feel free to ask your questions share your tips and tricks through my “contact me” Discord and I’ll update the post accordingly! My thanks go out to the people in Open Gates and a few Redditors for their input on the guide.