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    Fancy Patter

    Fancy Patter is my personal Discord server. On this server, you can find: More information about me and my projects; Regular updates and notifications; and A place to just hang out and chat. 🙂 Interested?

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    AC:NH Swap

    AC:NH Swap is a Discord server where we encourage a fair and helpful Animal Crossing: New Horizons experience. We want to play the game in the spirit in which Nintendo intended for the game to be played, by being nice, kind, helpful and not greedy. That means: Fair trades.– Equal item-for-item trades are encouraged.– When selling for bells, our guideline is asking around 1.5x catalog price.– NMT as a currency is strictly forbidden, even as prizes or giveaways. No entrance feesfor turnip selling, Celeste, Saharah, meteor showers, shops selling specific items, etc. Free villager adoption– Selling villagers is an absolute no-go. Villagers are friends, not food investments.Trading villagers 1:1 is…

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    Open Gates

    Open Gates is a community for adult gamers to play games and create content (guides, tutorials, mods, Workshop items, etc.) together. We aim to be a community where people can get together to play all kinds of (multiplayer) games together, united in sort-of a clan or guild, spanned over several games. A place where we can casually hang out, help each other, introduce others to our favourite games, find some inspiration. As an added goal, those who feel so inclined can work together on guides and tutorials for all these different games. The mod team will be driving that effort, feel free to join in! Our members are generally 18+.…

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    Mod Bucket

    Mod Bucket is a Discord community by modders, for modders.We all love mods for the various games we play and enjoy spending time creating them – and helping others create their own. Whichever game you feel like modding, you’re welcome to ask for help or even collaborate with others. Completely new to it? Don’t worry! We’re here to help! We have several tools to make your life easier, templates to start from, we even dragged in the developers of our favourite games to help out! And even if making mods yourself isn’t entire your thing, you are free to join and give us feedback, place some requests, share some ideas…

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    Substarters is a Discord community by Redditors, for Redditors. We help new moderators and / or new subreddits get started. We offer them any help we can, ranging from tips & tricks, helping them set up their rules, giving them feedback on the direction of their subreddit, helping them set up a layout, customise their subreddit, set up AutoModerator, help them with custom bots, find some content, choose suitable moderators for a subreddit’s mod team, share our opinions – anything you can think of. And the best part is, we do it together. It’s not just the Substarters team offering help and moderators taking it. Our goal is to be…