AC:NH Swap

AC:NH Swap is a Discord server where we encourage a fair and helpful Animal Crossing: New Horizons experience. We want to play the game in the spirit in which Nintendo intended for the game to be played, by being nice, kind, helpful and not greedy.

That means:

  • Fair trades.
    – Equal item-for-item trades are encouraged.
    – When selling for bells, our guideline is asking around 1.5x catalog price.
    – NMT as a currency is strictly forbidden, even as prizes or giveaways.
  • No entrance fees
    for turnip selling, Celeste, Saharah, meteor showers, shops selling specific items, etc.
  • Free villager adoption
    – Selling villagers is an absolute no-go. Villagers are friends, not food investments.
    Trading villagers 1:1 is allowed.
  • No black market
    No duped or hacked items.
    If you time-travel, please inform your visitors when you invite them.

… and everything within that same spirit.

In Swap, we say no to capitalism and greed. We help each other. We are nice, kind and wholesome. And we all love Animal Crossing.

AC:NH Swap on Discord

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