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    Fancy Patter

    Fancy Patter is my personal Discord server. On this server, you can find: More information about me and my projects; Regular updates and notifications; and A place to just hang out and chat. 🙂 Interested?

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    Rambling Reviews

    Remember Project 2020? Initially, the goal was to bridge the gap between New Year’s Eve and the arrival of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on March 20th. I challenged myself to play 30 minutes of a new game each day, and write a short review about it. Just my honest thoughts, my first impressions. I quit writing when AC:NH arrived and I got completely addicted, but I found myself thinking back fondly on the blog. Now I’m back to writing reviews, under a new name and with a more extended format. I might even throw in some TV series, films, a new hobby… Whatever I feel like ramblingly reviewing, or reviewingly rambling…

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    AC:NH Swap

    AC:NH Swap is a Discord server where we encourage a fair and helpful Animal Crossing: New Horizons experience. We want to play the game in the spirit in which Nintendo intended for the game to be played, by being nice, kind, helpful and not greedy. That means: Fair trades.– Equal item-for-item trades are encouraged.– When selling for bells, our guideline is asking around 1.5x catalog price.– NMT as a currency is strictly forbidden, even as prizes or giveaways. No entrance feesfor turnip selling, Celeste, Saharah, meteor showers, shops selling specific items, etc. Free villager adoption– Selling villagers is an absolute no-go. Villagers are friends, not food investments.Trading villagers 1:1 is…