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    Redd and Art Guide

    Update 1.2.0 brings back Redd, everyone’s favourite art smuggler. Finding Redd In order for Redd to show up, you need to have had a chat with Blathers in which he expresses his desire for an art wing. This conversation only happens when you have donated at least 60 items to the museum (spanning fossils, bugs and fish). He comes to your town in a small peddler boat in the north of your island, on the small “secret” inaccessible-without-ladders beach. When you try to enter the boat, your common sense takes over and you don’t dare to go in. Redd will be wandering your island, so go find him! When you…

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    Lhyesle, my designs for AC:NH

    I decided to move all my Animal Crossing: New Horizons designs to an external blog dedicated only to my Animal Crossing game. Lhyesle, coincidentally also the name of my in-game island, is where you’ll find QR codes of both my older and new designs, Able Sisters’ codes for in-game clothing designs, screenshots of my island design and fulfilled requests made by others. Guides, tutorials and tips & tricks can still be found on this website.

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    Easter event

    Zipper is back in New Horizons and he brings you a super-fun event! Collect easter eggs, find DIY recipes, craft new items and collect everything.   Need some help? Then this guide is here for you.