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    Multiplayer Guidelines

    You want to play online, visit other players’ towns or have them visit yours? Here are some general tips and guidelines to be the best visitor you can be. Please always check with your host what you can and cannot do in their town and behave to be the best visitor you can be! Don’t pick flowers or fruit without asking.Sure, they regrow, but that doesn’t mean they are up for grabs. Unless there is a sign saying “pick!” or your host explicitly tells you so, refrain from picking flowers without permission. Don’t run through flowers.Flowers will get trampled when you sprint through them. Of course they will regrow, but…

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    NPCs Saharah Who is Saharah?Saharah is a travelling merchant camel who comes to your island to sell (often limited edition and unorderable) walls, floors and rugs. What can I buy from Saharah?She has these things for sale: Small rug, unlimited. She will give you 1 ticket per rug you buy. Medium rug, unlimited. She will give you 2 tickets per rug you buy. Large rug, unlimited. She will give you 3 ticket per rug you buy. Mysterious wallpaper, one per Saharah per island per day. Mysterious flooring, one per Saharah per island per day. These items are static. Saharah will sell the same five basic items to everyone visiting her…

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    Mod Bucket is working on the EasterFest mod, a big mod to add Easter-themed content to Staxel. This is the first somewhat bigger mod collaboration I’m involved in, and would like to thank the casual mod dev team at Mod Bucket for that lovely experience. 🙂

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    Mod Bucket

    Mod Bucket is a Discord community by modders, for modders.We all love mods for the various games we play and enjoy spending time creating them – and helping others create their own. Whichever game you feel like modding, you’re welcome to ask for help or even collaborate with others. Completely new to it? Don’t worry! We’re here to help! We have several tools to make your life easier, templates to start from, we even dragged in the developers of our favourite games to help out! And even if making mods yourself isn’t entire your thing, you are free to join and give us feedback, place some requests, share some ideas…