Xable’s Magic

Fairy Magic based on the use of Fairy Dust, that can be collected from Fairies.
But watch out, unhappy Fairies will drop Malevolent Fairy Dust, and who knows what happens if you sprinkle that around.


A stay in the Fairy Hotel will make any Fairy happier.
A Malevolent Fairy will calm down and turn into a regular Fairy, while a regular Fairy will be so relaxed, they might drop some Fairy Dust before it flies off.

The broken down Fairy Shack doesn’t look that comfortable. Putting a Fairy in here will surely make it angry, and it will turn into a Malevolent Fairy for sure! But Malevolent Fairies love this place, so much that they’ll drop some Malevolent Fairy Dust before flying off.

Crafting Recipes

Coming soon!


v1.0 - 2019
  • Log coming soon.


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