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    Remember Project 2020?

    Initially, the goal was to bridge the gap between New Year’s Eve and the arrival of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on March 20th. I challenged myself to play 30 minutes of a new game each day, and write a short review about it. Just my honest thoughts, my first impressions.

    I quit writing when AC:NH arrived and I got completely addicted, but I found myself thinking back fondly on the blog.

    Now I’m back to writing reviews, under a new name and with a more extended format. I might even throw in some TV series, films, a new hobby… Whatever I feel like ramblingly reviewing, or reviewingly rambling about.

    Check out my new review blog: Rambling Reviews.

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    I’m a painter now.

    I impulsively bought some art supplies online last week and fancy myself a painter now. I started with this honest to God tryout, aptly named “Mea Skulpa”, for which I thoroughly apologise.

    I both feel like I’ve since improved immensely and still have a very long way to go. While I’m not in it to become the next Van Gogh, I do enjoy learning new techniques and honing my craft.

    Staying true to my original theme, I am painting a series of Skulls, which you can find on my art page.

    The materials I use are various aquarel paints, including Royal Talens Art Creation), and brushes by Windsor & Newton. I paint on A4 300 GSM 140 lb grain fin paper.

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    Lhyesle, my designs for AC:NH

    I decided to move all my Animal Crossing: New Horizons designs to an external blog dedicated only to my Animal Crossing game.

    Lhyesle, coincidentally also the name of my in-game island, is where you’ll find QR codes of both my older and new designs, Able Sisters’ codes for in-game clothing designs, screenshots of my island design and fulfilled requests made by others.

    Guides, tutorials and tips & tricks can still be found on this website.

  • New Staxel Mod


    Mod Bucket is working on the EasterFest mod, a big mod to add Easter-themed content to Staxel. This is the first somewhat bigger mod collaboration I’m involved in, and would like to thank the casual mod dev team at Mod Bucket for that lovely experience. 🙂

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    Project 2020: January

    The first month of 2020 has already passed, and I’ve kept up my daily game blog for all but one day, that I missed because of my computer being packed in a moving van. I’m generally pretty proud of keeping it up this long, and I hope to keep it up until the end of the year!

    If you haven’t already, please check out Project 2020 for my short, pointless and to-the-point reviews of the games I’ve played.