Living Pokédex (3/18/2021)

I’ve always been a completionist, and Pokémon games are no different.

I started working on a Living Pokédex a long, long time ago.

With Sword / Shield, I sadly dropped out of the Pokémon game and thought my childhood special interest would die a slow death – but now that Legends: Arceus has been announced and there’s a remake of Diamond / Pearl planned, I’m hyped again!

When talking to a friend about my Living Dex, I decided to log back into my Switch and take some snaps of my boxes. Here we go!

Rambling Reviews (8/13/2020)

Remember Project 2020?

Initially, the goal was to bridge the gap between New Year’s Eve and the arrival of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on March 20th. I challenged myself to play 30 minutes of a new game each day, and write a short review about it. Just my honest thoughts, my first impressions.

I quit writing when AC:NH arrived and I got completely addicted, but I found myself thinking back fondly on the blog.

Now I’m back to writing reviews, under a new name and with a more extended format. I might even throw in some TV series, films, a new hobby… Whatever I feel like ramblingly reviewing, or reviewingly rambling about.

Check out my new review blog: Rambling Reviews.

I’m a painter now. (7/24/2020)

I impulsively bought some art supplies online last week and fancy myself a painter now. I started with this honest to God tryout, aptly named “Mea Skulpa”, for which I thoroughly apologise.

I both feel like I’ve since improved immensely and still have a very long way to go. While I’m not in it to become the next Van Gogh, I do enjoy learning new techniques and honing my craft.

Staying true to my original theme, I am painting a series of Skulls, which you can find on my art page.

The materials I use are various aquarel paints, including Royal Talens Art Creation), and brushes by Windsor & Newton. I paint on A4 300 GSM 140 lb grain fin paper.

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Lhyesle, my designs for AC:NH (4/18/2020)

I decided to move all my Animal Crossing: New Horizons designs to an external blog dedicated only to my Animal Crossing game.

Lhyesle, coincidentally also the name of my in-game island, is where you’ll find QR codes of both my older and new designs, Able Sisters’ codes for in-game clothing designs, screenshots of my island design and fulfilled requests made by others.

Guides, tutorials and tips & tricks can still be found on this website.

Starter Pack (2/28/2020)

Added Starter Pack, a utility mod for Garden Paws.

Get a set of tools, a glider and 10k gold for an easy start of a new game.

Decoration Stations: The Plate Update (2/16/2020)

Added 21 new recipes to Decoration Stations.

Cut pies, cakes, bread and watermelons into pieces and serve them on a plate!

Valentines’ Day (2/14/2020)

I’ve created my first Garden Paws mod. A very simple extra recipe with a mixed flowers bouquet for Valentines’ Day. Check out my mod page for more info.

Project 2020: January (2/1/2020)

The first month of 2020 has already passed, and I’ve kept up my daily game blog for all but one day, that I missed because of my computer being packed in a moving van. I’m generally pretty proud of keeping it up this long, and I hope to keep it up until the end of the year!

If you haven’t already, please check out Project 2020 for my short, pointless and to-the-point reviews of the games I’ve played.

Dockinator (1/15/2020)

Uploaded a first version of Dockinator to the Steam Workshop.

Xable’s Magic (1/11/2020)

Uploaded a first version of Xable’s Magic to the Steam Workshop.

Xable’s Sets (1/9/2020)

Uploaded a first version of Xable’s Sets to the Steam Workshop.

Hello, world! (1/7/2020)

A new year, a new decade, and a new website!

I finally got round to setting up a home page to bring together all my projects, content and plans.